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past Creekside Tidbits

Creekside Tidbits & On the Vise w/ Andy, Jacob & Mike

FYI ... the below listed tributary streams are closed to all fishing April 1 through June 15.  These streams are stocked annually with trout and salmon.  The closed season applies to:

* The East Branch of Little Calumet River in Porter County from US 12 upstream to US 20.

* Trail Creek in La Porte County from the Franklin Street Bride in Michigan City upstream to US 35.

Got an opportunity to get out and wet a line ... the steelhead bite is still on.  The creek conditions were at normal spring water levels and clear, holding a good number of active steelhead ranging from 5 to 9 pounds.  The majority of the fish were staged on and along gravel sections with good flow and broken water (oxygnized water).  The hot ticket was swinging a Gold Beadhead Black Woolly Bugger, size 6 tied on a Mustad R74.


Hook - Mustad R74, Size - 6
Beadhead - Gold, 5/32" diameter
Rib - Gold Wire (countered wrapped)
Body - Black Chenille, Medium
Hackle - Black (tied-in behind the
beadhead and palmered back)


Donnie of "On the Mend"
scores with a caddis nymph


Suspending Carp Fly

Hook - TMC 100
Sizes - 8 and 10
Thread - Rusty Brown
Tail - Brown Marabou
Rib - Cooper Wire, Extra-Fine
  (counter-wrapped to hold and
   protect peacock herls)
Body - Peacock Herls
Hackle - Speckled Brown Soft Hen Patch
Head - Tying Thread

Size 10 shown


The word out of Slez's Bait & Tackle Shop

April 10, 2014

Anglers heading out of the Port of Indiana (Portage) are finding and hooking-up on cohos in 8 to 20 feet of water ... the hot ticket this year has been Brad’s Thin Fish.  Shoreline anglers at Portage’s Boardwalk and Michigan City Harbor are also scoring cohos and several steelheads on skein and spawn sacs.

Anglers at Pine Lake (La Porte) are taking pre-spawn crappies on minnows fished below a bobber in 6 to 8 feet of water.  Below the Lake George Dam (Hobart), anglers are starting to score crappies on minnows.

Slez’s Bait and Tackle Shop has the angler covered ... loaded-up with live bait (minnows, worms), skein, spawn sacs and lures.


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Amici’s pizzas!

  Jacob ... cheese & sausages
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Michael ... margherita

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