Creekside Tidbits
& On the Vise

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Creekside Tidbits
and On the Vise

As anglers, we all have one of those days on the water ... you're casting your favorite fly into an area loaded with fish and you can't manage to get their attention to draw a strike.  Here are three options to consider and a few general guidelines.
Change to a different color fly
Bright day - Bright color flies
Dark day - Dark color flies
Cclear water conditions - Light color flies

Change to a different size fly
Fish are affected by the size of the fly drifting into their view.
Sunny day with calm condition - Smaller flies
Overcast day - Larger flies
Clear water conditions - Smaller flies
Muddy water conditions - Larger flies

Change the fishing depth of your fly
Fish will locate at a specific level in the water column that meets their needs and requirements for oxygen level, food, rest, etc..  Always work from top to bottom.
Sunny day - Fish closer to the boottom
For moving water (rivers, streams) - Fish often hold below current layers
For still water (lakes, ponds) - Fish often hold in temperature layers

Just a Chilling on the Vise ... Backstabber
Size 6 shown; Tier - Andy
Hook - Mustad 3366
Sizes - 4 to 8
Thread - Black
Eyes - Gold Beadchain
Body - UV Peacock Eye Ice Dub
Wing - Black Marabou
Hackle - Speckled Brown Hen

The beadchain eyes are mounted on of the hook shank to invert the hook.
      Pond Hopping on the Fly ...

Weather Conditions - High 70's, 4 to 7 southeast winds, Slightly overcast
Water Conditions - 66 degrees F at shoreline, ~2 feet above normal levels, Clear

After a brief afternoon shower, grabbed the 4 weight and headed-off to the local pond.  Definitely, the right decision ... hooking-up on gills, crappies, and bass.  The fish were active and eager to slam the Molly Mouse (size 10 / UV dark olive) with the majority of the strikes came on a stready strip retrieve.
      Pond Hopping on the Fly ...

Weather Conditions - Low 60's, 10 to 15 mph north winds, Sunny
Water Conditions - 66 degrees F @ shoreline, ~2 feet above normal level, Clear

Got an opportunity to get out on the local pond for a couple hours withthe 4-weight.  No trophy but plenty of action ... the totals were 8 panfish (bluegills and pumpkinseeds) that ranged from 6 to 8 inches, and 9 largemouth bass that ranged 12 to 15 inches.  The fish were caught working the first breakline off spawning flats and weedline points with a Molly Mouse (size 10, UV black) using a fast strip, strip, strip and pause (2 to 3 seconds) retrieve, then repeat ... the bulk of the strikes came on the strip and were aggressive takes.  On a side note, spawning beds were void of any activity.  Tight lines and see you on the water.
      On the Vise ... Molly Mouse

My concept behind the Molly Mouse was to come-up with a pattern for targeting panfish that could easily be cast and worked effectively with a 3 and 4 weight fly rod on local ponds.  A buggy looking pattern thats a straight forward tie using common materials and effective working the water column from 1 to 5 feet ... thus the Molly Mouse.  The results has exceeded my expeditions for catching gills along with crappies, largemouth bass, rainbow trout and brown trout ... 9 inch bluegill, 16 inch crappie, and 22-1/2 inch largemouth bass.  My set-up is straight forward ... weight forward floating fly line with fluorocarbon leader / tippet (8-1/2 to 10 foot length which is dictated by the depth being worked).  As with any pattern ~ your success depends on properly reading the water and presentation.  Listed below is the recipe for the Molly Mouse ... colors - black, dark olive, olive, and peacock.

Beadhead Molly Mouse, Olive
Hook - TMC 2457 / Size - 10
Thread - Olive
Beadhead - Gold
Tail - Olive Marabou
Body - Olive Senyo's Lazer Dub
(dubbing loop and brushed)
Bead-Eye Molly Mouse, Olive
Hook - Mustad 3366 / Size - 10
Thread - Olive
Eyes - Gold Bead-Chain
Tail - Olive Marabou
Body - Olive Senyo's Lazer Dub
(dubbing loop and brushed)
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