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When pond hopping for largemouth bass, the retrieve speed and presentation of the fly should match the water temperature.  The metabolism of bass lowers as water temperatures drop and rises when water temperatures increase.  This effects the amount of effort and energy a bass is willing to expend to forge ... reducing the strike zone.  Therefore, use a slower retrieve for colder / drop in water temperature and a faster retrieve for warmer / rise in water temperature.

It is important to work the water horizontally and vertically.  Start out working on or close to the surface and then proceed to work deeper if not drawing strikes.  Utilize a count down system and slow down the retrieve to help control the depth of the fly.

Using a "stop-and-go" retrieve will produce more strikes than a steady retrieve.  The fly minics an injured or dying food source, triggering the predatory instincts of a bass to strike.  Also, the "stop-and-go" retrieve allows the fly to remain in the strike zone a little longer.

Clouser's Minnow, Purple & White
Hook - TMC 200R
Sizes - 6 to 10
Thread - White and Black
Eyes - Silver Bead Chain
(eyes are mounted on top of the hook shank,
inverting the hook)
Tail - White Bucktail
Body - White Thread
Wing - Purple Bucktail over Black Krystal Flash
Nose - Black Thread

size 8 shown

Wayne Novak requested, I tied him a few
Clouser's Minnows in purple and white for
a local pond that we both fish.

I kept one for myself, and headed out to
the local pond ~ caught 3 bass (ranging
from 13 to 15 inches) in 10 casts, before
getting hung-up and losing the fly.

Thanks, Wayne ...
I enjoyed catching the bass.

1st bass / 2nd cast
Weather Conditions - Mid 70's, 5 to 7 mph southwest winds, sunny ... coming of a cold front
Water Conditions - 74 degrees at the shoreline, normal water levels, clear

Grabbed the 5-weight and headed out for some pond hopping.  No bragging size fish but slammed the bass in the 12 to 16 inch range on a Beadhead Brown Woolly Bugger (size 8) and Tan Foam Fly (size 8).  Strikes were aggressive and came off weedline edges and corners along the shoreline in 2 to 5 feet of water.  Also, scored several panfish that measured out 7 to 8 inches on a Yellow Foam Fly (size 10) using a stop-and-go retrieve, allowing the fly sit idle for 3 to 4 ... majority of the strikes came as the fly sat idle.  Both, the bass and panfish were spread out ... 2 or 3 casts (fan casting) and moving to the next spot was key.
"On the Fly" ... July 17, 2014

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