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Creekside Tidbits

Creekside Tidbits & On the Vise

The bucktail streamer holds a special memory, it was the first fly that I tied (starting my fly tying journey) ... a silver flat tinsel body with a brown bucktail over white bucktail wing and a black thread head.  The streamer pattern was a solid producer for largemouth bass on Long Lake and smallmouth bass on the Saint Joseph River.  That was 40+ years ago ... and now, I am still tying and fishing bucktail streamers for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappies, brown trout and rainbow trout.

The bucktail streamer is tied and fished to look like a minnow moving through the water ... offering a large fish, a large meal (source of protein) to continue to survive.  Therefore, the retrieve must imitate the actions of a minnow ... working the rod tip and line is necessary to have the streamer act like a  minnow.  A short jerky retrieve will make the streamer look like a minnow darting erratically around structure.  A long strip retrieve will make the streamer appear as a swimming minnow.  A streamer that's allowed to sink to the bottom and slowly moved will look like a feeding minnow.  A fast and steady retrieve where the streamer is worked near the surface imitates a fleeing minnow.  Do not get into a rut of using just one retrieve ... you'll need to try different retrieves until you find which one will trigger the fish to strike.

As for size selection, I like using a large streamer (size 2 or 4) for stained water conditiions, and a small streamer (size 10) for very clear water conditions.  The smaller streamer will create less disturbance and audible splat when hitting the water ... thus, reducing the chance of spooking the fish.  For normal water conditions, I favor a size 6 or 8 streamer.

I prefer to use a fluorocarbon leader and tippet for streamer fishing.  The advantages of fluorocarbon are lower visibility (due to its refractive index being almost the same as water), smaller diameter and less stretch than monofilament.  Also, fluorocarbon will sink rather than float like monofilament ... allowing me to work the streamer a little deeper within the water column.

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Bucktail Streamer, Olive 'n White

Hook - Mustad R73
Sizes - 2 to 10
Thread - Black
Tail - Silver Krystal Flash
Body - Silver Flat Tinsel
Belly - White Bucktail
Wing - Olive Bucktail topped with Peacock Herls
Head - Black Thread

A must have pattern in every angler's fly box.
size 6 shown
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  On the Vise ... Justin Aldrich

Caddis Pupa
Hook - Umpqua U202 (scud / pupa)
Size - 16
Beadhead - Gold, 3/32"
Weight - Lead wire, 0.010, 5 wraps (optional)
Shellback - Speckled Dark Brown Thin Skin
Rib - Gold Wire, fine
Abdomen - Rusty Brown Ice Dub
Legs - Dark Partridge Fibers
Antennae - Brown Pheasant Tail Fibers
Thorax - Rusty Brown Ice Dub
If you would like to purchase
this pattern ... contact Justin
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  Ice Wing Caddis Pupa
Hook - Umpqua U202 (scud / pupa)
Size - 16
Beadhead - Gold, 3/32"
Weight - Lead wire, 0.010", 5 wraps (optional)
Thread - Brown
Rib - Gold Wire, small
Abdomen - Olive Ice Dub
Wing - Caddis Green Ice Dub
Thorax - Peacock Arizona Semi Seal Dub

If you would like to purchase
this pattern ... contact Justin
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  Three Northwest Indiana Trophies
Angler - Mary Beck Ryba
(the 2 left photographs)
Angler - Andy of amflyfishing
(the below photograph)

Slez's Bait Shop
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Phone:  219-588-5929
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Beemoths     Rosy Reds     Chicken Liver     Spawn Sacs

Triple Catch Charters
Home Port: Marina Shores
5976 Dune Harbor - Portage, Indiana 46368
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Coho, King Salmon, Lake Trout, Steelhead and Brown Trout
* Triple Catch I ~ Sea Ray 30-foot SportFish
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FIZARDS ... fish see it, smell it, taste it, hear it, and feel it
Fizards is a revolutionary new product in the fishing industry and is becoming the
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An amflyfishing's tip ...
for the past three years, I have been using Line & Lure on my fly lines, leaders, tippets, dry flies and bass bugs … and its performance has been “two thumbs-up”.  Cleaning and coating my fly line with this conditioner reduces line-to-guide friction and repels debris which increases line control (improved casting accuracy, line speed and distance) and better line floatability (easier line mending and pick-up, improved fly presentation).  On leaders and tippets, they float higher and cleaner.  Dressing my dry flies and bass bugs with Line & Lure has proven to be a major plus … they ride higher and longer than other dressings that I have used in the past.  Therefore, I have spend less time drying / re-dressing my fly and more time fishing.  Yes, it’s like adding “power steering” for your fishing.  Also, using Line & Lure on your sunglasses adds a scratch resistant and dust repelling coating … along with, reduce glare and minimizes water spotting.
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