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Creekside Tidbits & On the Vise

FYI ... the below listed Northwest Indiana tributary streams are closed to all fishing April 1 through June 15.  These streams are stocked annually with trout and salmon.  The closed season applies to:

  • The East Branch of Little Calumet River in Porter County from US 12 upstream to US 20
  • Trail Creek in La Porte County from the Franklin Street Bridge in Michigan City upstream to US 35

As Spring drifts on and the water temperatures continue to rise, I am excitedly looking forward to another season targeting carp on Northwest Indiana's creeks and streams.  Listed below are several keys for hooking-up.

  • Being stealth in approaching and positioning yourself to cast cannot be over emphasized.
  • If possible stay out of the water and fish from the shoreline.
  • Wearing drab color clothing to blend into the background is a wise decision.
  • Wearing a good pair of sunglasses will greatly help spotting fish and protect your eyes from an errant cast.
  • Have the discipline not to fish to every single carp you see. Identified and focus your efforts on a specific fish that is actively feeding or displaying aggressive body language.
  • Carp feed most aggressively when the water temperatures is between 65 to 80 degrees ... this is prime time, get out and wet a line.
  • Carp are incredibly sensitive to taste and smell ... before using a fly for the first time, rub it with mud or algae.
  • Never cast directly to a carp. Cast your fly past the fish if it is rooting or out in front if the fish is moving ... then slowly draw your fly into fish's strike zone.
  • When a carp takes your offering ... always pull or strip set before elevating the rod to avoid from pulling the fly out of the carp’s mouth.
  • Constantly check the leader and tippet for any abrasions and replace it when you find any.



Northwest Indiana Carp
on the Fly
Beckster's Carp Nymph
with the 5-weight


Dancing Carp Fly

Hook - Mustad C49S
Sizes - 8 to 12
Thread - Dark Brown
Tail - Brown Marabou
Rib - Silver Wire
Body - Hare's Ear Dubbing
Legs - Speckled Hot Orange Centipede Legs
Head - Peacock Life Cycle Dubbing

Size 10 shown

On the fly ... I tie and carry carp patterns in several different colors and sizes, listed below
are my general guidelines.

  • Clear water conditions - light / natural colors and smaller sizes, Muddy water
    conditions - dark color and larger sizes, and Tannic water conditions - fluorescent
    colors and larger sizes.
  • The weight of the fly is critical (landing and sink rate), a heavily weighted fly will
    turn-off or spook active fish in shallow water.
  • If I get a refusal on a well presented fly, I will immediately change to a smaller fly.

Donnie showcasing
Lake Michigan
Smallmouth Bass


The Bite Report

April 18, 2014

The word out of Slez’s Bait Shop

Lake Michigan anglers are catching cohos and a few steelheads fishing the 2nd and 3rd light down the Wall at East Chicago in 18 to 25 feet of water with Brad's Thin Fish and a Dodger / Fly setup.

The crappie action continues to heat-up on Pine Lake (La Porte), the hot ticket has been fishing a minnow under a bobber in 4 to 6 feet of water. Anglers fishing below the Lake George Dam (Hobart) are catching crappies along with a few bass.

The chit-chat at On the Mend Guide Service ...

Fishing the Portage shoreline, Donnie hammered the Lake Michigan smallmouth bass (ranging from 1 to 3-1/2 pounds) on 1/4 ounce tubes using a swimming with a short pause retrieve along the bottom.

The mid-section of the creeks continues to provide decent steelhead action as few fresh fish move up to spawn and spawn-out fish move back.

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