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An amflyfishing's life tip ... "If someone says that you fly tie and fly fish too much, stop talking to them, smile and walk away.  You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.".

Nymph patterns are a solid producer for fall steelheads in Northwest Indiana's Lake Michigan tributaries.  Look for and fish holding lies ... the soft water edges (seams) offering relief from the currents; such as a rock pile, submerged island, bottom depression or fallen timber that breaks the flow of water and creates soft water.  A very productive presentation is dead drifting the fly downstream along the the bottom.  Now and then, you will hang-up and lose a fly ... but the reward of hooking-up, battling and landing that steelhead out weighs the cost and time of tying-up several nymphs.  Below are a few nymph patterns that have produced over the years.

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Beadhead Ice Dub Caddis,
Caddis Green

Hook - Mustad C49S
Sizes - 8 to 12
Beadhead - Black
Weight - Lead Free Wire
Thread - Black
Rib - Copper Wire
Body - Caddis Green Ice Dub
Collar - Peacock Ice Dub
size 10 shown
Beadhead Steelie Surveyor

Hook - Mustad C49S
Sizes - 10 and 12
Beadhead - Red
Weight - Lead Free Wire (optional)
Thread - Tan
Tail - Pheasant Tail Fibers
Rib - Red Wire
Abdomen - Rainbow Sow-Scud Dubbing
Wingcase - Pheasant Tail Fibers
Thorax - Rainbow Sow-Scud Dubbing
Collar - Rainbow Sow-Scud Dubbing
size 10 shown
Ice Dub Egg-Sucking Leech, Black

Hook - TMC 2457
Sizes - 8 to 10
Beadhead - Orange
Thread - Black
Tail - Black Marabou
Body - Black Ice Dub
(dubbing is brushed-out and back)
size 10 shown
Extreme Iced-Up Rod Guides Fly Fishing
Weather conditions - High 20 degrees, 9 to 14 mph west winds, snow flurries, Overcast sky
Water conditions - Normal water levels, Slightly stained

Pretty good day on Northwest Indiana's Lake Michigan Tributary given the dramatic weather change over the past two days ... the temperature dropping 40+ degrees, strong winds and falling barometric pressure.  The ticket was working woolly bugger patterns along the soft water seams created by current breaks (fallen logs and submerged rock piles).  It was a mixed-bag outing ... landed 2 brown trout on Beadhead Black-Brown Katie Buggers, 1 steelhead on a Egg-Sucking Black Woolly Bugger and 1 Coho Salmon on a Beadhead Purple Woolly Bugger.  On the downside, lost a nice steelhead when it hit my Beadhead Black-Brown Katie Bugger and immediately headed under a fallen log ... snapping the line.  One thing I did learn, I need to carry a few more Beadhead Katie Buggers.  See you on the water and tight lines, Andy

    Beadhead Katie Bugger
check here for the recipe
October 28, 2014
Air Conditions - Upper 50's, 9 to 17 mph west and southwest winds, Partly sunny
Water Conditions - Lightly stained, Approximately a foot above normal water levels

After several days of above normal temperatures and light winds, I get an opportunity to do some pond hopping and the wind picks-up, temperatures drops (15+ degrees) and rains the night before ... oh well, the weather wasn't going to stop my desire of grabbing the 4-weight and wetting a line.  Fished the mid-morning, targeting the flats in 2 to 4 feet of water with a Beckster Foam Fly (dark orange / size 10) and Beadhead Woolly Bugger (purple / size 10) scoring 4 largemouth bass that ranged from 10 to 12 inches and 3 bluegills in the 6 inch class ... 3 of the 4 bass came on the Bugger using a a slow / steady retrieve.  Didn't do too bad given the conditions ... definitely, better than watching the television or raking leaves.  See you on the water and tight lines, Andy

On the Fly ... the first of 4 bass

* Despite the drop in the water
temperature, strikes were
* A slow / steady retrieve was
the ticket to drawing a strike.


    October 23, 2014 ...
Air Conditions - High 50's, 4 to 8 mph southwest winds, Sunny
Water Conditions - Slightly stained, Normal water levels

Definitely, a two thumbs-up day on the creek.  Fished with one of my best buddies ... Becca (10) scored her first steelhead driftng a spawn sack along a gravel bed in four feet of water.  After several dash attempts and head shakes the fish was landed, a photo taken and released.

Overall, a productive outing ... didn't see numbers, but the steelhead that we hooked-up were fresh, active and staging along the deep side of gravel beds.  On the fly .. the hot ticket was swinging a Beadhead Woolly Bugger, Olive 'n Black / Size 6.  See you on the water and tight lines, Andy

    October 21, 2014 ...
Air Conditions - Low 50's, 4 to 9 mph northwest winds, Overcast
Water Conditions - Slightly stained, Normal water levels

Delivered a roll cast that softly landed my Beadhead Woolly Bugger (Black / Size 6) approximately 15 degrees downstream and 1-1/2 feet off the adjacent shoreline where the water was laiden with gravel, threw a downstream mend and on the second strip as my fly started turning broadside to the current, I felt a tap and quickly responded with a strip set ... Wham, Fish On.  After the tug-a-war that included 3 attempts to power itself downstream, the fish was landed ... an 8-plus pound female steelhead.  As she swam off and disappeared into deeper water, I realized how special that catch was ... "sometimes, things just falls into place", the correct read of the water, selecting the right fly, delivering an accurate cast, executing the proper presentation and playing out the fish.  See you on the water and tight lines, Andy
An amflyfishing's tip ...

For the past two years, I have been using Line & Lure on my fly lines, leaders, tippets, dry flies and bass bugs … and its performance has been “two thumbs-up”.  Cleaning and coating my fly line with this conditioner reduces line-to-guide friction and repels debris which increases line control (improved casting accuracy, line speed and distance) and better line floatability (easier line mending and pick-up, improved fly presentation).  On leaders and tippets, they float higher and cleaner.  Dressing my dry flies and bass bugs with Line & Lure has proven to be a major plus … they ride higher and longer than other dressings that I have used in the past.  Therefore, I have spend less time drying / re-dressing my fly and more time fishing.  Yes, it’s like adding “power steering” for your fishing.  Also, using Line & Lure on your sunglasses adds a scratch resistant and dust repelling coating … along with, reduce glare and minimizes water spotting.
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