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Working the edges of weedlines means fishing success!  Panfish and bass will use underwater foliage for staging, feeding and protection.  Upon locating green and healthy weeds along a shoreline, on a hump or flat ... next, identify the edge of the weedline (this is usually dictated by water depth, where the lack of sunlight penetration can't sustain their life).  Work the fly as close as possible to the edge.

Can't draw a strike or the bite turns-off ... a subtle change can have a huge impact on your fishing productivity.  Here's a few options to consider ... changing the fly (size, color, weighted / un-weighted, pattern), the retrieve (speed, pattern) or the tippet (length, diameter, monofilament / fluorocarbon).

Beadhead Woolly Worm, Orange

Hook - TMC 3761
Sizes - 6 to 10
Beadhead - Gold
Thread - Brown
Tail - Red Marabou
Rib - Gold Wire (tied-in at the rear,
   wrapped forward to hold and protect
   the hackle)
Body - Orange Chenille
Hackle - Brown Grizzly (tied-in behind
   the beadhead and palmered back)
size 10 shown

Beadhead Woolly Bugger, Purple

Hook - Mustad R73
Sizes - 4 to 10
Beadhead - Black
Thread - Black
Tail - Purple Marabou
Rib - Gold Wire (tied-in at the rear, 
   wrapped forward to hold and protect
   the hackle)
Body - Purple Chenille
Hackle - Purple Grizzly (tied-in behind
   the beadhead and palmered back)
size 6 shown

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  Beadhead Woolly Bugger Variant

Hook - Mustad R73
Sizes - 4 to 10
Beadhead - Gold
Thread - Red
Tail - Red Marabou w/ Gold Krystal Flash
   (4 per side)
Rib - Gold Wire
   (tied-in at the rear, wrapped forward to hold and
   protect the hackle)
Body - Purple Chenille
Hackle (Body) - Purple Grizzly
   (tied-in behind the beadhead and palmered back)
Hackle (Collar) - Red Hen
Size 6 Shown

On the Fly ... 10/22/2014
Weather Conditions - Mid-60's, Light southwest winds, Sunny
Water Conditions - 67 degrees at the shoreline, Normal
   water levels, Lightly stained

Late afternoon, gave-up on completing my wife's Tasks List
and headed out for a couple hours of pond hopping with the
5-weight.  Scored a dozen-plus bluegills ranging from 6 to
8 inches on Foam Flies (tan and yellow, size 10) using a
"strip, strip, strip and
pause" retrieve (moving the fly about
3 inches on each strip) ... the fish were staged on flats in
shallow water (2 to 4 feet), active and aggressively striking
my offering.

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